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A VIP Team To Do List

A VIP Team To Do List

VIP Team To Do List is a professional time and task management software for small and midsize business which uses To Do List method to help you get through more work spending less time. It increases your personal and professional productivity drawing much of your ...

Shareware  6,687k 5901 VIP Quality Software
Color projects professsional

Color projects professsional

Color projects professional: Light Your Emotion • Including 84 filter presets – fine-tuned for themes such as landscape, portrait, architecture, surreal and artistic interpretation and many more • 85 high-quality expert filters: Denoising, sharpen, gamma, brightness and shadow optimisation, colour luminance and many more • ...

Shareware  91,707k 159 Franzis Verlag GmbH

Projects Explorer

The tool for individual and group conducting projects on creation, introduction and support of software. Free from use of the 3d-party applications and services. You do not need to establish and adjust any paid or free-of-charge the databases. The program is developed by us as ...

Freeware  2,128k 704 Denis Shapovalenko
Projects manager

Projects manager

Program for accounting projects, tasks, cliens and actions of executors.There is three basic lists in program: project list, client list and list of executors.There is possibility adding subtasks for tasks (with numbers 1.1, 1.2, 1.2.1, etc. up to 10 level).Additional lists: Actions, Additional conditions ...

Freeware  9,216k 656 Araxgroup


TeamWork R un sistema per gestire i progetti di sviluppo software, il lavoro di gruppo, ed i rapporti con i clienti, in modo facile e veloce.Con TeamWork potete pianificare le nuove release, documentare i requisiti, coordinare le attivitO dei membri del team, tenere traccia dei ...

Freeware  2,149k 684 Califfo Software

Easy Projects .NET Personal Edition

Easy Projects .NET - the latest generation web-based project management and tracking system. It is called "Easy Projects" for a good reason - it was specifically designed to make software project management straightforward and hassle-free.Easy Projects .NET has exactly those tools and features that you ...

Freeware  4,307k 983 Logic Software Inc
Everyday Jigsaw

Everyday Jigsaw

A puzzle a day keeps the boredom away! How about a fresh and delightful jigsaw puzzle delivered to you every day? How about browsing a Treasury of eye-catching puzzles and getting ones you like to play with just a mouse click? How about turning your ...

Freeware  7,076k 1038 KraiSoft Entertainment

Visual Basic .NET Projects

VISUAL BASIC .NET PROJECTS contains six programs you can use at home. The programs illustrate advanced uses of Visual Basic .NET for Windows applications. Topics covered include using the Windows API for timing and sounds, input validation, printing, usin

Freeware  372k 528 kidwaresoftware.com

Cricut Projects Screensaver

A wonderful collection of Cricut inspired scrapbooking projects from talented scrap addicts presented by http://BuyCricutCartridges.Com. If you wish to have your project and website featured on this screensaver please visit http://BuyCricutCartridges.Com/

Freeware  8,264k 336 buycricutcartridges.com

Everyday Auto Backup

Everyday Auto Backup is an easy-to-use software designed to backup files automatically.

Freeware  1,004k 294 backupsoft.net

Lefticus' Random Projects

This project exists as a place for various projects that I am working on which are GPL'd. Please feel free to join in on this projects and enjoy them.

Freeware  25,013k 262 emptycrate.com

Local Projects Database

The Local Projects Database (LPD) is a web-based tool for managing records on development assistance activities financed and/or implemented by development partners. This java based application, allows inserting, maintaining and exchanging activity da

Freeware  8,700k 280 lpd.googlecode.com

Microchip based projects

This collection of projects represents GPL release of HTC products based on Microchip microcontrollers. One can find interesting projects like melody generators, RTOS, software DDS, digital alarm clocks etc.Most projects are very well documented and ful

Freeware  9k 318 microproject.sourceforge.net

Pudge's Projects

Various open source projects of pudge's that don't need their own project. For module bugs, see http://rt.cpan.org/.

Freeware  5k 254 projects.pudge.net

Uvi Soft VB Projects

This site provides a number of simple projects built on Visual Basic 6.0 and Visual Basic.Net by me and my friends for the fun of programming

Freeware  2k 363 uvisoftvbp.sourceforge.net

AMADIS - Learning Projects Environment

AMADIS is an virtual environment that provides support for "Learning Projects" pedagogy. It's pourpose is to re-think the traditional way that schools work. In AMADIS the child acts like an scientist, researching topics of their own reality.

Freeware  1,581k 285 amadis.sourceforge.net

XEngine Test Projects

Test Projects using my Game Engine in Development, XEngine. I know it sucks, but I'm just a kid. The goal for my Game Engine is to create a simple to use, 2D Single player game framework.

Freeware  166k 215 xenginetestproj.sourceforge.net

nex Projects

The nex Projects includes the nexportal, nexboard and some other nice and useful projects for webmaster.

Freeware  358k 259 nexp.sourceforge.net

sCMS: CMS for Small Web-Projects

sCMS is a SEO-friendly Content Management System for small projects: personal sites, small business sites, etc. sCMS organized as a compact core with extensibility by user modules. System based on PHP5, MySQL, Smarty and Wiki.

Freeware  1,244k 228 scms.sourceforge.net


This is a collection of open source projects designed and maintained by Vladimir Dergachev. Note that the Unix name is "volodya-project" because of 15 letter limit on sourceforge :)

Freeware  7k 169 volodya-project.sourceforge.net

CLIPS interfaces and sample projects

Interface and example projects for CLIPS on NT using the CLIPS DLL. Includes Web/CGI interface.

Freeware  417k 244 clipsinterface.sourceforge.net

JPortal Projects

Our projects currently include a drop down menu generator [WebDDM] written in JavaScript, and a counter/statistic collector [phpStat] which is now outdated, written in PHP. Check www.jportalhome.com for updates - WE DO NOT UPLOAD FILES TO SF.NET!

Freeware  33k 255 jpprojects.sourceforge.net

KICEM BCT 065 Minor Projects

This project hosts all the artifacts/documents related to Minor Projects by Computer Engineering third year students of Kathford International College, Kathmandu, Nepal. It hosts proposals, reports, source codes, etc.

Freeware  33,036k 182 kicem-bct-065.sourceforge.net

Projects briefcase

A very simple tool for transfering files between different workstations, for all those who work at different machines on same projects. Taking your projects home is as simple as inserting a CD-RW and letting the program transfer files. No installation.

Freeware  391k 205 projects-briefc.sourceforge.net

ScoFMB KDE Projects Homepage

Here you will find all the stuff i'm doing for the kde projects, you will find some applets (kfish, kaquarium) and some patches for it..

Freeware  362k 295 scofmb.sourceforge.net

Small Projects

Here are regrouped several small projects I made. These projects are too small to have their own Sourceforge project/svn ...They included projects in Java, C, C++, PHP, ...

Freeware  127k 163 smallprojects.sourceforge.net
Sourceforge Projects Statistics Reader

Sourceforge Projects Statistics Reader

tired of checking you Sourceforge projects for latests statistics? now you can get them all right from you taskbar. Sourceforge Projects Statistics Aggregator reads any project and displays the statistics with a click away.this is still a work in progress so any feedback (bugs report, ...

Freeware  166k 377 SourceForge.net

The Chobit Projects

The Chobit Projects is an online game client, server, emulator engine development team based on Win32 systems programming.

Freeware  671k 164 chobits.sourceforge.net
Easy Projects .NET

Easy Projects .NET

Easy Projects .NET is the easiest all-in-one web based Project Management System and Task Tracking software. It is called "Easy Projects" for a good reason - it was specifically designed to make project management and task tracking straightforward and hassle-free. Easy Projects .NET has exactly those ...

Shareware  36,350k 594 Logic Software Inc

Kodev Projects

Kodev is dedicated to making open source and freeware applications and games in Processing. Come check out our site at kodev.wordpress.com

Freeware  2,076k 192 kodev.sourceforge.net
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